Thursday, April 30, 2009

Game time :)

We are finally here at Woodstock.

Today was my first shower in 5 days (ummm 2 days of travel & 2 days of camping 100 degree weather) that being said, the shower was like HEAVEN-even tho the water was freezing ;-) and let me tell you, that shower has made me feel like a million bucks :)-I was so filthy.

The students from Woodstock will arrive in 2 hours and so we have another 15 minutes down time, before go time.
Anyways, I have soooo much I want to write, but I think I have to wait until later to get into it.
It has been amazing, from the camping trip, holding and snuggling Anil & Sandeep for hours on that trip, to living on protein bars and water cause I am afraid of getting sick. (India is the best diet ever ;-)) and to times of prayer and worship with the boys, I don't ever want to leave.
This morning the boys looked panicked as we packed for Woodstock. They are so sweet. I've done really good so far in the being a cry baby department...last trip I cried from start to finish, this time I'm a little more composed. The health of the boys is getting a little better, we bought a bunch of medicine for them and they seem to be doing well, still coughing and runny noses, but that doesn't stop them from climbing all over me like I'm a jungle gym. I literally will have 3-4 boys crawling all over me at all times, snotty noses and all...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

That's all for now, I have a team meeting to get to.

I love you guys and miss you lots!

PS, I have soooooo many photos to share, I can't WAIT to post them all!

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  1. **sigh** I am so glad you are being very proactive about taking care of yourself. We are all covering you with prayers here, that the boys will get better (obviously being answered) and that you all will stay well. So glad you enjoyed your (cold) shower!

    I am so excited about all that will be happening in the next couple days at Woodstock. Love on each of those students just like you do your own at NHDH (I wanted to write "home," but it seems that for you, "home" is wherever God sets your heart... and right now, that's Mussoorie!)

    My heart aches for those hugs from all the boys, so please, between your own hugs, give them some from me!

    Love you!